Dildasia, Act One featuring Classick

Usually, we don’t have our producers all up in the podcast, all up in the audio, dancing and whatnot. But for the next two episodes, our co-producer, the man-behind-the-curtain Classick (@classickmateria) crashes the show. Why is he acting stranger than usual? Will there be an intervention? Plus, discussion about gluten, Amber Rose Slutwalk, Republican candidates, kale facials, giving up butt for travel, & Where you at, Uncle Joe?

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In this episode:

Fast food vs. Fresh food
Racial profiling in fast food
BlackAF burger powers
Gluten haters
Nosferatu the rapist
Amber Rose Slutwalk
Funny amazon reviews
Classick’s dietary intervention
Ben Carson, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush & Douchelord Trump
Joe Biden

Tune in next week for Act Two of this episode, where we explain how we titled this show “Dildasia.”

RetroSpideyClassick Material is the Co-Creator/Mastermind of the CSPN. He is also a husband, college grad, wrasslin fan, comic book stasher and co-producer of every show on this network. He recently consumed that horrific BlackAF burger and is evolving into a filthy Mutie Freak… and he hosts his own show “Classick Team-Up!” right here on this very network. Follow him on twitter @classickmateria

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