Problematic P*ssy Hats

We live baby! It’s a brand new episode of the #GnTShow with Ceej & Beauty Jackson, where we reminisce on the old days of Freaknik & Alize, and discuss how boring it’s been since leaving our hoe days behind. Where did all of the #PinkPussyHats at the protests for civil rights go?

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The #RoseArmy and White Feminism are taken to task for erasing anything that requires an understanding of intersectionality.

The days of making excuses for needing birth control are over. We will enjoy sex AND decide when we have children. Die mad about it. If you want a #DieMadAboutIt tee, check out to grab merchandise today!  The fight for reproductive rights is too real!

Conspiracy theories aren’t typically our thing, but we had to ask: where in the world is Melania Trump? Her stunt double is pretty damn convincing, but, it’s clearly not Melania… something in the milk ain’t clean and we are going to get down to the bottom of #MelaniaGhazi.

RZA, WTFYD? #RZA wrote an entire dissertation on the #AzaeliaBanks and #RussellCrowe scuffle a year ago, but has now admitted that it was all a lie and Russell Crowe actually spat on Azaelia! The lesson here is: listen to Black women and do not dismiss the voices of the marginalized. We thought we could always trust #WuTang but we were sadly mistaken.

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