Grown Folks Business feat. Corey of #OTAPShow

This week, we welcome Corey of The OTAP Show to the program to talk about:

Anderson Cooper, the Republican Party sending their fake ass “thoughts and prayers” and DASSIT on Orlando.

Then we have the XXL cover and I have no idea who the fuck….

Lil Wayne drank 3 bottles of cough syrup, had seizures and emergency plane landing.

Nene Leakes refurbished her face again.

Keke Palmer… Girl. WTF is her malfunction? Looks eerily similar to Maya Campbell lately.

White people made giant wet wipes as an alternative to bathing and NO ONE is shocked.

Random questions for Corey. Talk about his show.

Steph Curry shoes are fucking awful…

Plus, our pick for #DoucheoftheWeek

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Check out this 2-minute preview:

CNN’s Anderson Cooper reads Florida AG Pam Bondi for filth!

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