Farewell, My Love


We invited our dear friend @ByeCorn to join us during the last episode before our midseason break to discuss The Bourbon Ball (Friday, September 29, 2017), parenting, and growing as people. Click below to listen to the downloadable version of the last show before our midseason break:

Additionally, one listener win two free tickets by completing ALL OF THE FOLLOWING STEPS BY 11:59 PM, SEPTEMBER 3, 2017:

  1. SUBSCRIBE to our website (check the sidebar);
  2. FOLLOW @Good_n_Terrible AND @TheBourbonBall on Twitter; AND
  3. TWEET “I wanna be #GoodandTerrible at #BourbonBallNYC!” to the @Good_N_Terrible twitter account.

The winner will be chosen on Monday, September 4, 2017.

It is with much excitement and a few tears that Ceej and I announce our departure from CSPN. The Good and Terrible Show has been with CSPN since its beginning. We have watched it grow from three podcasts, to a network with enough content to cover every day of the week. Having a hand in the coordination and production of a network full of fresh, black voices has been my privilege.

But there is a time to stay in place, and a time to spread your wings, and this is flight season, not only for my work, but also Ceej’s work, and our collaborative work with The Good & Terrible Show. We’re excited to announce that Baker Bone & Rome’s Bad Advice Show will be joining us. No matter how difficult saying farewell might be, we are excited about all the future holds.

We have all appreciated your support for us during our time with CSPN, and we invite you to continue with us as we move forward. We will be updating you in the coming weeks to keep you up to date on our new podcast feed and what other goodies we have in store for you.

Thank you for all of your support!

Beauty Jackson aka Mel

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