Classic G&T: “Blink-Purse-Gather”

Our show’s brief summer hiatus continues. As we await the one-year anniversary spectacular of Good & Terrible (coming soon!), this week we’re re-releasing some of our classic shows. You may not have heard this one before, so it’s new to you. If you have heard it before, hear it again and tell a friend (or tell that friend’s uncle)!

Welcome to the 12th episode of The Good and Terrible Show, starring Ceejay and Beauty Jackson.

"No, this b***h did not just say..." Blink. Purse. Gather.
No, this b***h did not just say…
Y’know what? Blink. Purse. Gather.

This episode starts with us acknowledging all of you wonderful friends and supporters. Then we get into discussions about dealing with workplace racism, idiotic people saying idiotic things and the tried and true technique of “Blink-Purse-Gather” that we all must go through to survive.

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This week’s guests are our many wonderful listeners, friends and supporters, as we read some of your tweets and feedback on air!

Haking, Filthycharm, SayDatAgain (Karen), Felonious Munk, Classick, Candelido, LusciousRaen, SeauxCocoa, SweetSoul76, MissAngelaDavis, Tres_Stimulante, RoddyKat, ReggieTap7, DJVitaman, Ray_Alexander_, LVictoria_, QuitaBnStuff, In_A_YamChele, El_Phillippe, Shareef_Jackson, Heather, GaPeach_est1083, Neauxbodee, DamnitCorn, CerromeRussell, BakerBone, 10Nesha_87, Mightashwell, MrRandyWATTsun,
and so many others.. thank you for your tweets and feedback!

Also discussed

Facebook is Terrible.
Dealing with white privilege & conversations about race at work.
Get out there Register and VOTE! We need to make change happen!
Rosemary Church sideeye, Earl Barnett da real MVP (“Blink-Purse-Gather”)
People who need to be dragged: GOPBlackChick, Larry Elder, Iyanla Vanzant, Don Lemon.
Racism and classism.
“Do you belong here?” syndrome


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