#5for5Fit with Coach P!

As you probably noticed, Mel and I have committed to self improvement over the next 15 months with our #GnTDirtyDozen lists.  The overall goal is to focus on health, wellness, spiritual growth, and mental health as we glow up in advance of our Western Mediterranean Cruise in October 2018.  To jump start the process, we decided to seek out some help from a natural living professional to ensure that we are on the right track.  Obviously, when we think of health, wellness, and holistic living our dear friend Princess (or Coach P) comes to mind.  She’s the Smoothie Bae of all baes, and she has natural remedies and recipes for pretty much everyone at all times.  Her brainchild #5for5Fit works perfectly for us, and we are hopeful you will join in on this as well. Here are the details:

The five-week challenge will begin on Monday, July 17th and end on Friday, August 18th, with our focus being wellness and self-discipline.  Each of you should create your own personal #5For5Fit challenge using these five categories:

  1. Choose 5 things to eliminate from your diet.
  2. Workout 5 days or 5 hours per week.
  3. Pray, meditate, or write in a journal 5 mins daily.
  4. Choose 5 quotes or affirmations to live by.
  5. Do 5 altruistic things for others.

Make sure you’re following Coach P on Instagram & Twitter: @CoachPSays & @CoachPWellness.   She’s going to lead us to success with tips, support and motivation over the next 5 weeks.  You can also find a wealth of information including recipes and holistic living tips at http://coachpsays.com/!


For the purpose of accountability, which is definitely an area in which I struggle, I’m including MY personal #5for5Fit goals below.  Remember, this challenge is completely customizable and you should definitely make your own commitment as you see fit.  I decided to select only one affirmation and one act of altruism each week instead of all 5 at once, but you don’t have to do it that way.   We are just glad to share this experience and journey with each of you. Let’s get this wellness party started…  See y’all in the hashtag! #5for5Fit

Ceej’s Personal #5For5Fit Goals:

Diet Elimination:
Alcohol, potatoes, chocolate, fried foods, cheese

Yoga, jogging (30 mins each x 5 days)

5:30am Prayer & Bible Study

Affirmation – Week 1:
I have the favor of God. Blessings are chasing me down. The right people are searching me out. New opportunities and new levels are in my future. -Gucci Mane

Act of Altruism – Week 1:
Mail handwritten notes to people I care about.


Keep me in check and gas me up, y’all!! Xoxo

Hear more about it on this week’s episode of #GoodandTerrible!

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