Dildasia, Act One featuring Classick

Usually, we don’t have our producers all up in the podcast, all up in the audio, dancing and whatnot. But for the next two episodes, our co-producer, the man-behind-the-curtain Classick (@classickmateria) crashes the show. Why is he acting stranger than usual? Will there be an intervention? Plus, discussion about gluten, Amber Rose Slutwalk, Republican candidates, […]

The Good & Terrible Show Episode 47 – Get off My Lawn! Ft. Felonious Munk

Welcome to another episode of The Good and Terrible Show, starring Ceejay and Beauty Jackson. This week, we welcome back regular guest, now big-time Nightly Show #Blegghead @Felonious_Munk, and we get all kinds of cranky… Click here to hear it all! Any former New Orleans residents who permanently relocated following Hurricane Katrina interested in giving an interview to @Beauty_Jackson for her book, please fill out […]

Incredible Ass Negroes (w/@MyPotnaB, Pt. 1)

This week, we welcome @MyPotnaB for a special two-part episode, talking about any and everything. Take a listen to Part One today, with Part Two coming tomorrow. MyPotnaB Est.1983. Mechanical Engineer. 6’5. Unavailable. Host of the #MyPotnaBPodcast, available at mypotnab.com   Any listeners from New Orleans interested in giving an interview to @Beauty_Jackson for her […]