Fresh and New and Good and Terrible…

Okay so listen… In my early adult years, I looked forward to my thirties as the time that I’d finally “have my shit together.” Interestingly enough, my thirties have been chock full of difficult endings and fresh starts. You’d be surprised at how many times I’ve redefined “having it together” in the past 8 years: I think I’m rounding the corner on a dozen… Married, divorced, became a stay-at-home mom, lost a parent, embarked on a new career, grieved failed friendships, had a couple emergency surgeries, got fired for the first time, got arrested for the first time, had my identity stolen… Do I really need to continue? My thirties have been a lot, okay? Turbulent endings that prefaced life’s new beginnings shook me to my core, rattled my belief system, and dragged me by my edges out of my comfort zone. But, the relationships I gained while navigating life’s challenges enhanced my journey in ways I never imagined.

Outside of the confidence that comes from kicking life-altering challenges in the ass, I realized that I am unconditionally loved and exponentially blessed. We can easily forget that much of the human experience is all about stumbling, picking ourselves up, and starting on the path again. Amazingly, each chapter of your life will feature cheerleaders and counselors to make the struggle easier for you. These are the people who believe in you more than you believe in yourself and pray for your big comeback when you don’t think you’ll ever rise from the trenches. It’s true that the best things in life aren’t things; the real treasures are great people and fresh opportunities to be better than you’ve ever been.

With all that said, this reboot of The Good and Terrible Show is our opportunity to be better as we encourage our listeners, offer fresh perspectives, make you blush, and spread some auntie love. This is a special new beginning for us, and I am delighted to have y’all cheering us on along the way. There will be new episodes, there will be blog posts, there will be much love and there will (undoubtedly) be filth! Welcome to Season 2, babies!

-Xoxo, Ceej

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