Let’s Grow, Glow and Go… Together!

Big news this week, guys! On October 21, 2018 we will set sail from Barcelona on a 7-day Western Mediterranean Cruise. We are very excited, and y’all are very invited. Wow, I am so corny… Anyway, you can find information about the trip below and we discuss it in detail on Season 2 Episode 2 of the show. I hope you will join us!

In advance of this adventure, we decided to take on some challenges to keep us focused, busy, and in prep-mode for this well deserved vacation. Introducing #GnTDirtyDozen! We each compiled a list of twelve (12) productive, intentional, self-improving, and love affirming items to complete over the next 15 months. We are growing, learning and deliberately getting better, and guess what the payoff will be?? VACATION, BIH!

We invite you all to come with us on this journey. Create your own #GnTDirtyDozen and commit to sailing the Western Mediterranean with us. Journal your progress often and please tweet, DM, and email us your updates, feedback and encouragement. Let’s all grow, glow, and go together! We will begin the challenge on July 15, 2017, which is the final day to submit the $50 reservation fee for the cruise. My #GnTDirtyDozen is here and in no particular order, and I’m going to do alllll this shit. No, I’ve never seen The Wire… stop judging me! I’ll keep you posted.

WestMed Cruise 2018 2

1. Watch every episode of The Wire.
2. Practice yoga.
3. Sew more! Make lots of clutch bags and sell them!
4. Read or listen to 1 new book monthly.
5. Learn conversational French with Judah.
6. Take Judah to one of every Atl pro sports teams’ games.
7. Lose 30lbs.
8. Wear sleeveless shirts.
9. Detox 4 times in 15 months.
10. Take three road trips.
11. Open my heart to meaningful relationships.
12. Go hang out with friends twice monthly, minimum.

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