Cam’s Post Game Fumble

“It’s funny to hear a female talk about routes, like…it’s funny.”

This week, Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton was amused that Charlotte Observer beat writer, Jourdan Rodrigue was familiar with the term “routes,” and found himself in hot water losing Dannon as a sponsor. In simpler terms, casual sexist was in shock that casual racist was familiar with jargon regularly associated with her job, and now, he’ll never sell yogurt in this town again. Dreadful, right?

Black women have to address passive sexism fro black men and passive racism from white women on a daily basis, in an effort to get us to “choose a side.” Men patted each other on the back and talked about “bitches,” and Jourdan’s racist tweets were surfaced while her sister reminded Cam that he was a laptop thief. Cam will always deal with racism and Jourdan will always deal with sexism. But they’re both jackasses, so I spiked my Theraflu, took a long nap, and watched Matlock. I’m not saving anyone who doesn’t want to be saved.

There are plenty of biases to notice, and I could have written about them, but then I remembered that Cam believes all lives matter, Jourdan thinks racist jokes are funny, and I still hadn’t watched the Rick & Morty finale. The latter of those things is far more important. Racism and sexism are gifts that keep giving, so I’ll have plenty more chances to weigh in on them. But those two? Not my monkeys; not my circus.

Jourdan is a pretty white woman, and ultimately, she’ll be just fine.

Cam is a 6’4 black man with a lot of football ahead of him, so ultimately he’ll be fine too. As far as his endorsements? Given his affinity for a mean duster, maybe Chico’s will branch out into menswear.

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