Balancing Acts and The Get Back


The Good and Terrible Show is back after almost a year, and Ceej and I couldn’t be happier.  Our break can just be attributed to life “life-ing.” We recorded until we ran ourselves into the ground and had nothing left. Going through the motions of just having content became so arduous we did not place the proper focus on making podcasting beneficial for us. Soon enough, one-week break turned into two weeks, two turned into a month, and so forth. We settled into being two great friends who did a really cool thing that one time.

Ultimately, the drive to create content became overwhelming again. Creators create, after all, and we make a great team. Among the things we discussed when coming back, besides topics and the overall show’s direction, was “How can we make it last like a Keith Sweat song?” The key was balance. When you’re a parent, and have a job, and want social life, and manage a podcast (or three), balance is difficult.

Commit to not over-promising, because it serves no one. It frustrates the people counting on you when you can’t deliver, and makes you feel like a failure. I cant express how important creating a schedule is when you’re busy, but you must create it honestly. That idealistic schedule that you have that accounts for every moment of your day and has you doing exactly what you should when you should? Scrap it. If you know it takes a day to do something in optimal circumstances when nothing goes wrong, give yourself two. A comfortable cushion for important, but nonessential things is a must for longevity.

You’re your own boss, but to prevent chaos, there will be times when you have to tell yourself no and meet your obligations. We also can get lost on social media under the ruse of “brand building,” or whatever we call sharing a link, followed by 20 minutes of arguing about Beyoncé on Twitter. Locate your obstacles and know when to say when on them and stick to your guns. Part of building an audience is being dependable.

While working for yourself is, in fact work, there should be some play. Hate is for your day job. When podcasting starts to feel like a drag, analyze why. Is your material not fresh? Are you sounding like everyone else? When you identify what’s stopping the fun, make the needed adjustments. One of our biggest acknowledgements was that periodic breaks were needed. So TGATS is going from a year round show with sporadic, in the fly breaks here and there, to a show that runs in seasons. Our second season will have 22 episodes followed by a six-week break (just in time for the holidays).

We can’t wait to share what all the new things (like blogging!) that we have in store. And it’s coming from our balanced, well-rested, best selves. So welcome back, because we all deserve a little good and terrible.

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